The school has hobby clubs where students are
taught – Dance (Classical), Music (Instrumental), Music (Vocal) and Art & Craft Work.

House System

1. Aravali
2. Himalaya
3. Sahyadri
4. Shivalik

All the students are organized in these four houses. Each house on rotation supervises, controls, and manages the school activities for a week. THE HOUSE ON DUTY looks after the school for a week. Inter-House competitions are organized to develop the qualities of leadership, self-confidence, loyalty, team spirit, co-operation and art of speaking. Each house has a specific colour, its motto and a song.

Co-Operative Learning

Group Dynamics, Unique dimensions, of teaching and learning process is learning in groups. Each subject teacher conducts a group activity based on the text and grades are given which is reflected in the continuous assessment. The objective of group activity is to instill co-operative learning, develop qualities and create a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere for learning with an air of informality.

Parent – Teacher Meeting

P.T.M. is conducted every 3rd Saturday. Every parent is free to visit school on this day and meet and interact freely with the teacher concerned regarding his/her ward/s. On other days Parent should take prior appointment to meet the teachers.

Educational Tours/Excursion

The school organises Educational tours/ excursions from time to time. The students are taken to places of Educational, Historical and Religious importance. The programme enhances knowledge, enriches experiences of the students, relieves them from daily routine and provides an opportunities to encounter real life situations with all its beauty, rhythm and spontaneity.

Value Education

Value Education is an integral part of education system. In BLVN, for inculcating moral values and making students aware of the need of moral values, workshops on value education and Life Skills for junior and senior students are conducted. Values can not be ‘taught’, they have to be ‘caught’ therefore during the workshop, emphasis on values through story, play, group discussion, enactment, visit to old age home, orphanage home, collecting fund for charity, etc is given.

Awakened Citizen Programme

Awakened Citizen Programme – ACP is a new program designed By Sri Ramakrishna Mission to enable, inspire and ensure awakened citizens. It is implemented by school at various levels. ACP aims at helping students to get established in self-development practices to develop powers of mind – viveka, strength and fearlessness to walk the critical path towards the highest perfection and happiness.