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12th / March 2024


**INTRODUCING MAST. ANAY PANDIT: A PRODIGY OF PEN AND MIND** In the realm of literature and academia, a luminous star shines brightly, illuminating the path with his boundless talent and unwavering dedication. Meet Mast. Anay Pandit, an extraordinary young poet, prolific writer, and avid scholar whose remarkable journey is a testament to his indomitable spirit […]

11th / March 2024

Each One Teach One

EACH ONE TEACH ONE – PEER TO PEER COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME For fostering education and skills development, Bhavan’s Lloyds Vidya Niketan has constituted a partnership with Evonith to help children in 10 neighbouring villages. Through this initiative, ‘EACH ONE TEACH ONE’ our students undertake the task of teaching communicative English to these young scholars. This […]

11th / March 2024


*BALDARBAR INTERSCHOOL DRAMA FEST AT BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN’S CIVIL LINES, NAGPUR* Every year, the city of Nagpur comes alive with the vibrant energy of the Baldarbar Interschool Drama Fest. This eagerly anticipated event brings together students from various schools across the region to showcase their talent and passion for the performing arts. It was scheduled […]

19th / July 2023

CBSE Adolescent Summit – July 23 Culminated in BLVN

Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Keeping this thought in mind, B.L.V.N. organized CBSE Adolescent Summit on 19th July, 2023 with the intention of facilitating holistic wellness, mental health and life skill as it is an integral […]

19th / October 2020

National Wild Life Quiz Oct. 2020

Mast. Anay Pandit Shines at National Level Wild Life Quiz Shiksha Mandal’s Bajaj College of Science (Dept. of Zoology) celebrated Wild Life Week between 2nd Oct to 8th Oct 2020. As a part of this on 3rd Oct.2020, ‘Wild Life Quiz’ was organised nationwide. Mast. Anany Pandit (class IV), an ardent quiz lover bagged 2nd […]

19th / October 2020

Anay’s Poem on ‘NewsPaper’

Mast. Anay Pandit (Class IV) did it Again ! Read this poem by our little Poetrywale Mast Anany, published in The Hitavad’s Twinkle magazine. The poem speaks at length about history of Newspaper, its current place in masses and about the enrichment it brings to us.

8th / September 2020

BLVNites at Oxford Big Read Competition

Oxford Big Read Asia Challenge is an annual reading and writing campaign for primary and secondary students. Believing that early age interest in reading and writing is fundamental to ensuring better learning outcomes in young learners, this competition aims to provide an opportunity to augment the ambit of their reading and also demonstrate their literary […]

3rd / September 2020

NEP Transforming India Quiz

NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY Online Education Quiz Competition on National Education Policy 2020 is organised by Ministry Of Education, Govt. of India from 5th September to 25th September 2020. All stakeholders including Students, Teachers, Parents and General Public can be a part of it. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE